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Bee Earrings with Carnelian Cabochons

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Bee Earrings with Carnelian Cabochons


Category: Nature and Wildlife
Item: ERN-91155
Description: Bee earrings, with Carnelian cabochons
Size: 0.5" x 0.75"

Inspired by Bee motif embroidered on the canopy of Napoléon 1st's Throne. It was chosen as the link between the new Dynasty to the very origins of France.
The Bee, symbol of immortality and resurrection, was considered the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France.
24K gold-plate over pewter, enhanced by carnelian cabochons. Gold-filled ear-wires.


Made in the USA.


What is Carnelian? 

Carnelian (also spelled as cornelian) is a reddish-brown mineral frequently used as a semi-precious gemstone in jewelry.  It can also be called Mecca stone.  Carnelian was used in Ancient Rome to make signet rings by engraving the gemstone. 

The term carnelian comes from the Latin word caro or carnis meaning flesh.  Carnelian can sometimes take on a flesh-tone.  It is mostly found to be in the reddish-brown family and can sometimes lean towards reddish orange.  Belonging to the quartz family of gems, it is the small amounts of Hematite or Iron Oxide that gives it its rich color.

Carnelian is said to have healing power, giving the wearer a sense of confidence and well-being.  It was also thought to have spiritual power and was known as Thet in Ancient Egypt.  The Egyptians used carnelian to give protection in the afterlife against evil.  They often wore carnelian as pendants, scarabs  and amulets.  Buddhists also believed in its protective powers. 

Carnelian is the primary birthstone for Virgo. 

How to care for your new carnelian jewelry:  Please handle your purchase with care.  To preserve the finish of your new jewelry, avoid direct contact with hair sprays, body lotions, or perfumes.  Protect from over-exposure to direct sunlight. 



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